On a value of imperfection

Finally, I have made it. I have designed and deployed my first personal webpage. And here it is. It would not be possible without Hugo Academic and a lot of available on-line resources which facilitates me to understand how it is organized, how can I change / add anything and how to make it working. There is a bench of very good manuals how to prepare your webpage using RStudio, blogdown, Hugo Academics, github and netlify. I am not going to repeat their work, but I am going to prepare a blog post with all relevant links. Perhaps someone find it useful. Believe me - it is quite straightforward.

The most important motivation for this web is to promote and disseminate results of my MSCA CALCULUS project. However, I love the opportunity of having my own blog. Twitter is great, but sometimes it is not a perfect format to share some ideas, results or opinions. Having a blog, additionally written in .Rmarkdown format, allows much more and I am going to use this opportunity.

And last but not least - I prepared this page as best as I could. Nevertheless, there are still many things that I would like to improve, add or simply change. It is not perfect, but it allows me to improve things later. On the other hand, an existing web is (usually) better than a planned one. So here it is. More to come soon. I hope you will enjoy. Stay tuned. And follow me on Twitter.

Marcin Stępniak
Marie Curie postdoc researcher

I am transport and urban geographer interested in accessibility analysis, GTFS data and R scripts.